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Experimental Section

I suspect you’ve clicked here out of curiosity to see what the heading means – I probably would too!

It’s not at all uncommon for me to have a new coach ask if a particular thing will work for their coaching practice – my answer is often a variation of “Try it and see.” The response I get is often some version of “Am I allowed to do that?”

So I’ve decided, as an experiment, to be more public about new things I’m trying out, in the hope that even if you’re not drawn to any particular solution I’m offering it may just give you a nudge to think about what you could experiment with yourself.

I don’t know how long a particular experimental item will be on offer for, so if there’s something that appeals to you below my advice would be to let me know even if you think there’s some logistics that would need sorting out before actually scheduling anything.

What will I be trying out? A good question, and it will vary. It may be the focus of a specific topic, perhaps it’ll be around the design of the offer ie frequency/number of sessions, possibly be around the structures that support the coaching or even a combination of any of the above!

Will these sessions be priced at the regular rate? Determining the appropriate pricing for a coaching solution is a whole topic in it’s own right. I won’t go into that in too much depth in this paragra[h but I anticipate that a majority of these trial sessions may come with a slightly higher asking price if I choose to establish them as a permanent offering. Towards the end of each experiment, I’m likely to seek honest feedback to further enhance the experience.

A Solid Start to Transformation:

An immersive virtual weekend, tailored to you, dedicated to uncovering your spark and awakening your brilliance.

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Why is this in the experimental section?

This experiment explores offering coaching in a much more intensive timeframe. What difference will such an immersive experience have for you? Let’s find out together.

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